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An Appropriate Response To The American Election

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The more I watch the contentiousness unfolding south of the border following the election of Joe Biden, the more I’m seeing the need for everyone to stop and listen to Carl Rogers.

Let me explain what I mean.

You see Carl Rogers was, for me, the most influential figure in 20th century psychotherapy. He came up with the idea of person-centred approach to life, an idea which has transformed not only psychology, but also business, medicine and almost every other modern discipline.

Person-centred individuals are people who strive to do a few things:

1. Listen to others...without listening solely as a means of formulating a response

2. Understand showing empathy; or, inhabiting the frame of reference of the other person in a deep, meaningful way

3. Show no judgment of others...or, as it’s known in a more technical sense, display unconditional positive regard

As we learn more and more about psychology, we are learning that these three traits are absolutely transformative for the human condition. In fact, some have argued that they are not only ESSENTIAL in every effective human interaction, they may be ALL WE NEED in order to be happy and well connected.

So, as we watch the drama unfold down south - and maybe find ourselves on a bit of a polite Canadian high horse - let’s all remember what Carl Rogers would do.

He’d seek to listen, understand, and above all, show no judgment whatsoever.

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