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Therapy for High Achievers

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

A large part of our therapy clientele are people who identify as being ‘high achieving.’ These are clients who have personality traits that allow them to excel in their personal or professional lives.

These traits might include: the ability to relate well with others; a strong, task-driven capacity for focus, the ability to regulate emotions; or, a large work capacity.

For most of these people, they are typically able to identify the STRENGTHS associated with their personality traits, but they are often unaware of the WEAKNESSES associated with them.

For instance…

~ People with the ability to relate well with others can often find their value and identify solely by way of their relationships with others

~ People who focus on tasks well can often miss big picture elements such as empathy, personal connection, or focusing on the great good

~ People who are able to regulate their emotions well can often be accused of being unfeeling or robotic

~ People with a large work capacity can often have difficulty relaxing and discovering their own personal identity apart from the workplace

The goal for high achieving clients then, should be to become more balanced individuals who can moderate their tendencies and gain a better understanding of the downsides which come along with their strengths.

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