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Whiteboard Counselling is a leading-edge psychotherapy clinic in Oakville, Ontario founded on the principles of EMPATHY + EVIDENCE

Our team of male & female counsellors are not only highly trained and certified by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, they are also seasoned individuals who offer clients a wealth of knowledge drawn from life experience.

If you're facing an issue in life, please know that you are not alone. Whiteboard Counselling is here to help.


The decision to seek counselling support is one of the most important decisions you can make. 

I know, because several years ago I found myself in a position where I was no longer able to manage the stress of everyday life on my own. 

Even though I was employed as a counsellor myself, I still had a long list of questions running through my mind as I looked for a therapist:

-Can I trust this person?

-Will I feel safe with them?

-Will they listen and accept me?

-Do they have the necessary life experience to understand what I’m going through?

-Do they have the wisdom to offer me practical support?

Anxiety, Depression, Counselling Near Me

In going through that experience, I came to recognize that what I wanted in a therapist was not only someone who knew…but also someone who cared

When the time came to launch Whiteboard Counselling, I did so with those dual principles in mind.

As things have grown, so too has our team and our span of care. We are now proud to employ a team of male and female therapists who offer individual, couple, and family counselling for clients facing a wide range of issues such as: anxiety; depression; stress; identity formation; trauma; abuse; spiritual counselling; codependency; grief; anger; values assessments; substance use; self-esteem; conflict resolution; marital counselling; career counselling; navigating life transitions; and preventative counselling. I am also very proud to be able to offer specialized care for mens issues as well. 

If you’re facing a mental health concern and feel like an informed, caring approach would be a good fit for your personality and needs, then please feel free to reach out. 

We have made every effort to eliminate waitlists by hiring therapists who are passionate, hard-working individuals committed to providing you with timely professional support. If you reach out for support, we will find space for you. That's my commitment to you. 

Rob Stanley, MACP

Founder & Lead Therapist 


Here at Whiteboard, we make your mental health a priority. To help you get the support that you need in a timely manner, we pledge to do our best to:

  • Reply to all inquiries within 24 HOURS 

  • Schedule initial sessions within 7 DAYS of inquiry

  •  NEVER put you on a waitlist to receive support


We chose the name ‘Whiteboard’ because it provides a strong visual that describes the approach we take with clients

When we think of using a whiteboard, we think of words like: clarity; discovery; understanding; mapping pathways; gaining awareness; naming truths; and sound decision-making. Together these images speak to the heart of the journey that many clients take with us here at Whiteboard.