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Your Trusted Social Worker in Oakville 

Social worker in Oakville

Noelle is a Registered Social Worker in Oakville with over a decade of experience providing safe and judgment-free support for adults and children (12+) as they navigate life’s challenges. 

Noelle’s strength lies in her ability to help clients unravel the complicated feelings and behaviours which lie at the heart of their issues. She does this by way of an inquisitive mind, kind spirit, and the skilled sharing of wisdom and life experience. 

Noelle’s training includes an Advanced Diploma of Child and Youth Work (CYW), as well as Bachelor’s (BSW) and Masters of Social Work (MSW) degrees. Therapeutically, she uses an approach rooted in Narrative Therapy and Attachment-Based Therapy, as well as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) techniques. Her approach is hope-filled and relational to the core, thereby allowing her clients feel safe, heard and truly understood.

Noelle’s client background includes extensive experience dealing with trauma and family issues as a social worker in Oakville. She has undergone further training in supporting adoption issues, grief & loss, as well as concerns surrounding special needs children and their families. Noelle’s clinical interests include work surrounding the power of relationship within family dynamics, the stress involved with fertility challenges, and the lasting impact of generational trauma. She is also a published clinician with research focusing on province-wide child welfare concerns.

On the personal side, Noelle is an adult adoptee, and this experience provides her with unique insight into non-traditional family groups.  She is the proud parent of an almost 23 year old son, and in her downtime she loves travelling to rock and metal concerts all over North America. 

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