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Your #1 Resource For Family Therapy in Oakville

family therapy in Oakville

Family therapy can be beneficial for a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:

Here at Whiteboard, we focus on four main elements when providing effective family therapy in Oakville:


#1 - Honesty

In order for any therapy experience to be helpful, there needs to be a spirit of honesty present. This is true for the participants and for the therapist as well. A sense of openness and a willingness to disclose are key components when seeking resolution and closeness within a family therapy session. Our therapists are skilled communicators who use both wisdom and professional training to break down walls and foster a spirit of honesty. 

#2 - Active Engagement 

Participation from all members of a family unit are key when pursuing family therapy in Oakville. At Whiteboard, the therapist will work with your family to achieve this goal with an eye on better understanding the dynamics and patterns of interaction at work. This can often be a difficult task, especially when emotions are raw, but our skilled therapists are adept at managing these issues and allowing every member to feel heard and valued in the therapy process. 

#3 - Focusing on Resolving Conflicts 

Family therapy sessions can often be a catalyst for exposing deeply rooted conflicts. When this happens, it is important for the therapist to focus on resolving these conflicts instead of simply unearthing them. Seeking resolution within a family unit can be a difficult road to pursue, but it is a necessary step to take when seeking a deeper sense of peace and understanding.

#4 - Addressing Underlying Issues

While specific hands-on guidance with regard to problem-solving, communication training, and behavior modification may be used in family sessions, it is also important for therapists to address the underlying issues which are present. These issues are often rooted in deeper concerns such as family history, cultural concerns, or wrongs and grievances from the past. By bringing these factors to light, therapists can help families find lasting solutions and ultimately function more effectively.

picture of family therapy in Oakville

Some common techniques used in family therapy in Oakville include:

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