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Your #1 Resource For Couples Therapy in Oakville

couples therapy in Oakville

We use several different approaches to couples therapy here at Whiteboard. These include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy.

However, beyond the specific therapy approach, there are key elements which need to be in place as you seek couples therapy in Oakville. 

#1 - A central key in couples therapy is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which both partners feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. There is nothing more destructive in couples therapy than the perception that the therapist is favouring one of the clients, or one of the clients does not feel their voice is being heard. Our therapists are trained and experienced in working with couples, and strive to create a neutral space where both partners can feel heard and understood.


#2 - A second key element is creating a goal of clear communication with the couple. One of the core traits which most couples in therapy evidence is a breakdown in communication. The act of helping couples learn to communicate more effectively with each other, while also growing to understand each other's perspectives and needs, needs to be a central part of the therapy experience. 

couple receiving therapy in Oakville

#3 - A third element is speaking boldly with regard to addressing patterns of behavior and interaction which are causing problems in the relationship. This involves the therapist taking a frank, direct posture as they reflect the issues which they are seeing. Having a therapist whose training and wisdom you trust is a core part of this approach and one which greatly enhances the effectiveness of the sessions. 


#4 - Lastly, all effective couples therapy in Oakville sessions should include clear, actionable goals. All too often couples therapy can feel repetitive and out of touch with the practical side of day to day living. Our therapists strive to make couples sessions ultra-practical experiences which provide you with the tools you need to help your relationship prosper. 

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