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Group Supervision for Therapists in Ontario

Group Supervision
for Therapists in Ontario

Group supervision provides a venue where therapists can learn in community, drawing from the experiences of both their supervisor and other group members. Group supervision is a great addition to the learning toolbox for registered psychotherapists in Ontario.

What does group supervision with Whiteboard Counselling provide? We’re glad you asked. 



With thousands of hours of counselling knowledge at your fingertips, you will learn the skills necessary to support a wide range of clients. As you engage with a supervisor who has been there and who understands, you’ll gain the insight and the confidence you need to face situations with clarity and ethical integrity. 

Personalized Approach

One of the things we shy away from the most at Whiteboard is implementing a cookie-cutter approach to group supervision. We want you to shine and your therapy identity to emerge through our supervision sessions. When you are able to discover a personalized approach to therapy that works for you and your clients, you will be able to tailor your practice to suit those therapy strengths. This will increase confidence, improve your self-care, and help you avoid the perils of imposter syndrome and burnout. 

Private Practice-Focused

We recognize the various hats that psychotherapists in private practice have to wear, and we provide the tools and experience to help you build a thriving practice. This includes entrepreneurial skills, branding, marketing & SEO insights, as well as straight talk about the financial realities of running a private practice.

Group Supervision FAQ's

Who leads the sessions?

Each session is ​facilitated by our Lead Therapist, Rob Stanley. You can read more about Rob here.

What is the focus of the sessions?

We avoid a textbook approach to learning and instead engage on important topics of conversation such as: determining your therapist identity; how to launch and operate a private practice; the practical management of ethical issues; dealing with client issues; managing self-care; and many other practical topics. As we like to say, we talk about the Art of Therapy moreso than the Science of Therapy. 

What theoretical orientation do you favour?

We take an eclectic, person-centred approach that tends to focus on a Narrative approach to case conceptualization, with a decidedly Client-centred approach to client growth.

When are your group supervision sessions?

Sessions are held every second Friday from 9:30-11:00 AM

How are the sessions delivered?

All group supervision sessions are held virtually to increase flexibility and ease of connection

How much do they cost?

Each 90-minute session is $90/person

How many people are in each group?

We cap the group number at 6 people, but we ideally operate with approximately 4.

Do the sessions count toward my CRPO supervision hours requirements?


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