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Your #1 Resource For Teen Therapy in Oakville

If you are looking for teen therapy in Oakville, you should look for therapists who are flexible, unique and relatable. These are the hallmarks of our teen therapy approach at Whiteboard. 

We use many approaches as we connect and support teens, but one of the most effective approaches is a Person-Centred approach. 


Person-Centred Therapy is a form of psychotherapy which arose in the 1950s as the result of the groundbreaking work of psychologist Carl Rogers. Rogers’ deep interests in psychology, spirituality, and childhood development led him toward a non-directive approach to psychotherapy which placed the client at the centre of the counselling experience. 

After exhaustive research, Rogers determined that there were three factors which needed to be present in order for clients to benefit from the counselling experience: Empathy (understanding), Congruence (genuineness), and Unconditional Positive Regard (acceptance).

teen therapy in Oakville

Let’s look at each of these factors at work in the hypothetical case of Julia, a 14 year-old Grade 9 student who has recently begun experiencing gloomy episodes which can last for days . These periods have caused her to miss school, and in response, Julia has begun counselling to address her issues. 

In working with Julia using a person-centred approach, our team at Whiteboard would work to ensure that all three of Carl Rogers’ factors are present within the counselling dynamic.

-First, the therapist would approach Julia from an empathetic viewpoint; meaning that they would seek to understand Julia’s own frame of reference and support her values instead of imposing their own onto the session.

-Next, the therapist would ensure that they are fully congruent within the session; meaning that they would seek to be genuine, authentic, and entirely present in the room with Julia. 

-Lastly, the therapist would operate from a framework of unconditional positive regard; meaning that there would be no judgment or preconceived notions brought into the session, only acceptance for Julia as she is given the room to fully express herself and grow at her own pace.

After seeing these factors at work in Julia’s case, you can easily see why Rogers’ approach is referred to as ‘person-centred’ psychotherapy. It is an inherently supportive and empowering approach which often has a life-changing impact on clients, , especially those seeking teen therapy in Oakville. 


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