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marijuana therapy in Oakville

Marijuana Abuse Therapy in Oakville

Marijuana abuse is rapidly becoming one of the predominant issues which we support clients with. As we provide marijuana abuse therapy in Oakville, we see many clients who overuse marijuana because of the following factors:


  • Self-medication: Some individuals may use marijuana to cope with underlying mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

  • Stress relief: Some people may use marijuana as a way to relax and alleviate stress.

  • Social influence: Peer pressure and the influence of friends and family members can contribute to the overuse of marijuana.

  • Easily available: With the increasing legalization of marijuana, access to marijuana has become easier for many people

  • Tolerance: Regular use of marijuana can lead to the development of tolerance, where an individual needs to use more marijuana to achieve the same effects.

  • Lack of awareness of the negative consequences: Some people may be unaware of the negative consequences of marijuana use, such as decreased motivation, impaired cognitive function, and respiratory problems.

A core factor in providing effective marijuana therapy in Oakville is a deep understanding of the client’s motivation to stop based upon a harm reduction vs. abstinence approach. 


In terms of treatment, the following approaches are common ones when providing marijuana therapy in Oakville:

Abstinence-based approaches focus on encouraging individuals to stop using marijuana altogether. This approach is based on the belief that marijuana use is inherently harmful and that the best way to provide marijuana therapy in Oakville is to encourage clients to stop using the substance altogether.

Harm reduction, on the other hand, acknowledges that marijuana use can have negative consequences, but it focuses on minimizing those negative consequences rather than expecting individuals to stop using the substance altogether. This approach recognizes that complete abstinence may not be realistic or achievable for everyone, and it aims to reduce the negative effects of marijuana use while also acknowledging that some people may choose to continue using the substance.

marijuana abuse therapy in Oakville

Both harm reduction and abstinence-based approaches have their own benefits and limitations as clients seek out marijuana therapy in Oakville. Abstinence-based approaches may be more effective for individuals who are highly motivated to stop using marijuana and have the support and resources to do so. However, for individuals who are not ready or able to stop using marijuana, harm reduction may be a more practical and effective approach.

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