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  • What type of counselling do you offer?
    We offer psychotherapy services to address a wide range of concerns from anxiety to stress to trauma to career counselling to substance use (click here to see a thorough list of services offered). We operate from a strength-based, narrative/person-centred viewpoint.
  • Do you have male and female therapists?
    Yes. We have both male and female therapsits on staff, as we always want our clients to feel comfortable and supported as they see fit.
  • Who can seek counselling at Whiteboard?
    We provide professional support for men, women and children ages 12 and up. Also, we are proud to support clients from a broad range of social, cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Do you offer online sessions?
    Yes. We provide online as well as face-to-face visits.
  • Do you offer couples counselling?
    Yes, we are always pleased to support couples and families. We love to be part of the process of relationship repair any way that we can.
  • What's the difference between counselling, psychotherapy, and psychiatry?
    The simplest way to define the difference between the three approaches is to use the terms from our motto: Empathy & Evidence. On one end of the spectrum, we have counselling. This is a non-regulated approach to mental health which is characterized by the counsellor showing empathy and sharing advice. On the other end, we have psychiatry. This is a more detached, evidence-based approach where psychiatrists use medical interventions like fixed programming or drug therapy. In the middle, between these two approaches, we find psychotherapy. This is a blended approach which allows therapists to use both empathy and evidence to tailor programs in a personalized manner for clients. A quick note: Because most people use the term ‘counselling’ as a catch-all to describe mental health treatment, we used the phrase in our name. However, in actuality, we provide professional psychotherapy services at Whiteboard.
  • Do I need a referral from a family doctor in order to see a therapist?
  • Do you offer free consults, just so I can meet my therapist in advance?
    Yes, we offer free 15-minute phone consults. We can be reached at or 905-208-6463 (MIND).
  • How much does a session cost?
    Individual sessions range from $165-$175 (plus HST) for a 55 minute session. Couples sessions range from $185-$195 (plus HST) for a 55 minute session.
  • Are psychotherapy services covered by OHIP?
    No, they are not.
  • Are Whiteboard services covered by my employer health plan?
    There is a very good chance that they are. We accept insurance reimbursement as Registered Psychotherapists, so clients with extended health benefits may be eligible for reimbursement of service fees, depending on your provider and plan. Please check with your provider to see if you have coverage.


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